My Philosophy

Trauma doesn't have to be an earth-shaking single event, although sometimes it is.  Lots of people don't even realize that they have experienced what a professional would call a traumatic event or situation.  But trauma is what causes behaviors that don't work.  Here's what I mean... 

I believe people are very adaptive and have an innate drive towards health and safety; this creates a blueprint for our thoughts, emotions and behaviors.  When something traumatic happens, we adapt our behaviors to help us survive the situation. It seems to make sense that once the awful event or situation is over we would return to our previous behaviors, however, because those behaviors kept us alive during a really difficult time, they are strongly reinforced, and end up forming the new blueprint for our behavior.  We are now reading from a blueprint designed to keep us safe in the face of danger...but we aren't facing that danger anymore, which means those behaviors are now maladaptive.  The bad news is that those maladaptive behaviors can cause lots of trouble in our lives, but the good news is that you have proven yourself to be a smart, strong, tenacious survivor who is able to adapt your blueprint when needed!

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How I can help you

I have been a therapist for over 20 years, and I specialize in working with people who have experienced trauma, which, by the way, probably means you (I'll get to that in a minute).  I got my advanced degrees at James Madison University in Virginia and immediately started working with folks facing huge challenges in their families and lives.  I continued to work in agencies for several years before opening my private practice, Groundwork Psychotherapy & Learning, soon after I moved to Colorado in 2008.  I offer both office-based and equine-assisted psychotherapy in a small private office on a ranch in Louisville that I share with another incredible trauma therapist, Dave Wyner.  

I can answer any others questions you have about me when you call, but for now, let's get back to the part about the trauma you've experienced.

Lottie Grimes, MA, EdS

Licensed Professional Counselor

Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

Louisville, Colorado

(757) 784-4461


About Me

People ask me all the time how I can do what I do, if I get overwhelmed by the sadness of the things that people share with me.  But I don't, because the way I look at it, the folks I get to work with are the strongest, most resilient, most courageous people out there.

I will never feel sorry for you.  I will hear you, I will empathize, I will feel deeply the way trauma has impacted you,  but I will not pity you.  For me,  the fact that you are still alive and working to make things better is a testament to your true survivor's spirit, and I am honored to work with you.  Together, we will tap into that survivor's spirit, build on those strengths we already know you have (and discover more), and decide what new skills you could adopt to make things better.

Whether you are struggling with the overwhelming loneliness from a traumatic childhood, trying to survive life after a sexual assault, or feeling confused by the nagging depression or anxiety that you just can't seem to shake, I can help you feel peaceful and confident again.​  We will readjust that blueprint so you can get back to feeling like yourself again.