Have you tried traditional counseling to deal with the after-effects of trauma, but find you still feel powerless and alone?
Research and common sense tell us that recovery from trauma requires more than thinking and talking.  While processing traumatic experiences and learning concrete self-care skills are vital to EAP/EAL sessions, I believe trauma affects the entire person, mind, body and spirit, and it therefore makes sense  to involve all in the healing process.  You may also  be surprised at how well horses seem to understand what you are going through...it seems like magic, but there's
science behind it.

Does your partner or family resist counseling because they don't think sitting around talking about your problems is going to help?

EAP/EAL involves trying out new things in the session, in the presence of a trusted therapist who can help you identify, confront and change negative patterns in your relationships.  Instead of talking about things that happen or have happened, you have the opportunity to experience things in the moment and try out different ways of handling situations.  From the very first session, you'll gather information and learn concrete skills that have an immediate impact in real life.  There's nothing like the feeling of progress to motivate continued effort.


Effective therapy does not look the same for everyone. 

Does your adolescent seem angry, distant or lost, but refuses to see a counselor because it's boring or embarrassing?

My approach asks "What is right with you?" instead of "What is wrong with you?"  Children and teenagers know the difference right away.  I help all my clients identify what they CAN do, what they are good at, and figure out how to use those strengths to solve problems, make healthy decisions, and create success in their lives.  Even teenagers who have refused to see other therapists almost never refuse to come 'work with the horses,' and you can rest easy knowing they are working with a highly-skilled, experienced, EAP/EAL professional.

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EAP/EAL does not involve riding horses.  No previous experience with horses is necessary.

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Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families Equine-Assisted Learning and Support Groups

Are you are looking for an experienced, highly-skilled professional to help you get your life back under control but are intimidated by the thought of starting therapy? 
Many of my clients say that the idea of working with a licensed therapist in an outdoor setting with fresh air and space to move and breathe is what made them finally reach out for help.  Sometimes it takes looking outside the box to find the best solution.  If the thought of sitting in a room talking with a therapist is keeping you from getting help, maybe EAP/EAL is the solution. 

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